• white woman: *washes hair, goes about business, while nobody tells her to put caustic chemicals on it so she can get hired in professional fields*
  • white woman: *compares her frizzy hair to a black woman's afro with the most disgust*
  • black woman: *washes hair, spends shitload of time and money "taming" it with chemicals that burn her scalp and gets it blown out as straight as possible so she can get a job*
  • black woman: "I'm tired of catering to this racist bullshit. I'm going natural. FUCK the consequences"
  • black woman: *looks amazing with her head full of thick kinks and naps doing all kinds of things you'd never see on a magazine cover or ad*
  • white woman: "OMG I'm natural too!!" *continues to wash hair and go about her business while no one tells her to slather caustic chemicals on her head or she won't get hired*
  • white woman: *compares her frizzy hair to a black woman's afro, this time as a compliment*
  • black woman: ...